Chapter 900

Indianapolis, IN

Taildragger Rendezvous 2015

The date has been set for this year's annual Taildragger Rendezvous fly-in at Post Air Airport: August 15, 2015.  Watch this space for more information as plans develop.

Taildragger Rendezvous 2014

The Chapter's annual Taildragger Rendezvous fly-in was held August 16, 2014, in conjunction with a show of collector cars on display.  The weather was iffy, with variable low ceilings, mist, and occasional rain showers.  Despite the weather, several intrepid visitors flew in for a fine lunch and visiting.  Lots of folks drove in, including a number of children.  Most importantly, there were enough periods of good visibility for 15 Young Eagles to have a first ride.  We saw lots of smiles and bright eyes from the experience.  While attendance was much smaller than it would have been with the previous day's weather (ain't it always that way?), we still had fun, entertained some new folks, and got ideas for a better fly-in next year.


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